Stagger as you come in, It amuses me.
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The Fangamers Episode No. 5: We’re Looking for a Podcast Named Lan-Di

Heidi and special guest Aquas force us to do a Shenmue podcast. Episode one of the Sega Dreampod. Download.

  • Aquas: Hey mister! You wanna play shooting games?
  • Heidi: Do you know a bar where Yu Suzuki hangs out?
  • Dan: They killed my Dreamcast right in front of me. I need to do this, for my Dreamcast.
  • Charlie: Building a PAX booth.
  • Jeff: Destroying a PAX booth.

Ending theme: “Taxicruiser” by @Amstrauz

Amazing Shenmue Dreamcast: Ozcan

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In this podcast, The Fangamers  reminiscence about a beloved game series that was doomed to fail from the start. Some of us still have hope that a third game will be released…

Also, Heidi attempts to mimic some of Shenmue’s legendarily bad voice acting.

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